Balneary Clinic

With direct access from the hotel, the Doina Polyclinic has, over time, gained its internationally renowned reputation thanks to the effectiveness of anti-rheumatic treatments and the results obtained in the treatment of certain diseases. The Polyclinic was equipped with modern appliances, bathrooms, showers, furniture, in a modern architectural vision, as a result of the renovation of the entire complex.

Everything is arranged to spend an enjoyable stay and to charge you with energy and a well-being!

Under the "magic wand" of balneologist and rheumatologists, assisted by highly qualified medical staff, a complex set of treatment procedures is carried out here.

  • Hydrotherapy (massage shower, underwater shower, water gymnastics, herbal baths, aromatherapy, sulfur baths, mud baths)
  • Electrotherapy (ultrasound, diadynamic, magnetodiaflux, nemectron, galvanic baths)
  • Dry massage
  • Microsound and infrared
  • Aerosols
  • Medical gymnastics
  • Paraffin wraps
  • Informatii

    One of the natural treatment factors that is successfully used in spa treatments is the sludge extracted from Techirghiol Lake used in warm packs or mud baths. Its therapeutic action is due to both physical factors (heat, mechanical action) and chemical (marine fauna and micro-mineral elements).

    Balneo-physiotherapy belts are recommended for diseases of the locomotor system (chronic degenerative rheumatism, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, post-traumatic or post-operative sequelae), peripheral nervous system disorders (neuralgia, paralysis), rhinopharyngeal, dermatological, gynecological diseases.

    In parallel with the spa treatments, tourists can benefit from the famous Gerovital cure, the original formula developed by Professor Ana Aslan, having the basic substance Procaina. Gerovital products, known all over the world, have regenerative properties of the human body, help prevent aging, increase intellectual and work capacity, eliminate depression, anxiety, relieve blood circulation.

    Experience has shown that the combination of a balneotherapy therapy with a Gerovital cure can be achieved during a 2-3 week vacation, the treatment being tolerated by the body with good results. Gerovital's cosmetic treatments are tailored to each client and provide skin cleansing, moisturizing and revitalizing.

    Facial treatment can be combined with body treatment in a complex of procedures including: massage, aromatherapy, lymphodrainage, vibromassage, sauna, ultraviolet, reflexology.

    Beside the beneficial effect on the skin, cosmetic treatment contributes to shaping the silhouette, keeping it in shape, releasing stress.